The COVID-19 Pathology: Class and Information Warfare, Algorithms and the Role of Artificial Intelligence – Global Research

TCTT editor note: A very good article but it is fascinating that the author seems to understand that the agendas being pushed are based on lies yet fails to see that the Covid-19 agenda is pretty much an extension of the climate scam agenda, somehow they have fallen for that lie, very strange considering they can see through the other lies.

COVID-19 is a cultural and institutional virus that eats away at the foundations of organized human action. The COVID19 campaign is best seen as a horrific coupling of two linked, but distinct, phenomena: the emergence of full-scale class warfare as a result of the rapid concentration of wealth over the past ten years and the transformation of artificial intelligence  (which lurks behind automation, drones, media and the internet) into the primary weapon in the ruthless battle of the super-rich against the vast majority of humanity.

A critical factor in the effectiveness of this combination of class warfare and information warfare has been the willingness of the vast majority of public intellectuals and other authority figures to go along with the current false narrative, actively misleading and distracting the general public.

As a result, few people understand what is going on in the United States behind the fear-mongering false reports in the news, with the exception of those at a high level who handle the classified planning, promulgation and enforcement of the COVID19 “great reset.”

An increasing number of people, however, are aware that something is profoundly wrong with the United States. Abandoned by a decadent establishment, they are forced to search for the truth in the trash produced by the corporate media, limited in their understanding by the primitive schemata for understanding economics and politics produced by consulting firms whose primary task is to frustrate understanding.

Class Warfare

A shift has taken place in American society over the last two years. The manipulation of digital currencies, bonds, derivatives and other financial products, combined with the radical privatization of the banking system has made it possible for a tiny handful of the super-rich, and the swarms of CEOs who buzz around them like flies, to create money out of nothing and to use that money to bribe everyone in a position of authority—or to threaten them.

This radical class fragmentation in American society has been festering for years, but it was only when the COVID19 crisis was hyped up as a means of calling attention away from the destruction of the economy resulting from the theft by super-rich of between 5 and 12 trillion dollars from the United States government through a series of loans to buy up stock, refinance and to transfer cash was successful. The rich decided that the time had come to implement their plan. .

The operation included a series of classified directives that forced all government officials, and many in media and academia, to lay all blame for the economic and political disruption on COVID19 and that prohibited the mention of this massive theft. This theft was the most important event of 2020 but was never mentioned in the US election.

Although this massive transfer of wealth dwarfed the quantitative easing scams of the last decade, and empowered a handful of multi-billionaires to run the economy without interference, their advisors warned them that such a move was extremely dangerous and that they must take ruthless measures to destroy all opposition before a truly revolutionary movement could get off the ground.

The term “class warfare” was popular in Marxist discourse and formed a central pillar of mass mobilization in the 1930s by communist movements. The term is not communist by nature, however. Today “class warfare” is not treated in a serious manner by the toothless left (who use the term as a colorful expression and not to describe this literal war). It is rather the far right that identifies the threat of class warfare, and describes it graphically, although not always in an accurate manner.

It is clear that the current plan, well underway, is intended to reduce the entire population to slavery under the control of the 0.01%. The progressives and the flaccid left, however, refuse to grapple with this reality, and, with rare exceptions, they refuse to speak honestly about COVID19.

The “big lie” strategy is a core element in this campaign. Forcing government officials, academics and journalists to repeat obvious lies and to bombard the public with such lies quickly reduces the intellectual capacity of citizens to reflect on current events, and impedes collective action.

The scale of lie, of the deceit, is so massive that is seems like an unbelievable fairytale.

There have been any number of lies perpetrated by the super-rich since the Kennedy assassination, but the two big lies that form the core of the current ideological preparation for class warfare are the 9.11 incident and COVID19. It is likely that the same groups were involved in organizing and implementing both and that the key planners came from around the world, not simply from the United States, Saudi Arabia and Israel.

The best analogy for the planning of these two big lies is Agatha Christie’s detective novel “Murder on the Orient Express.” In that novel, the American gangster Cassetti is murdered on a train by a group of his rivals who agree in advance to sedate him and then each of them, in turn, stabs him once. The manner in which the implementation of the crime is shared makes the case difficult to crack. Because all the major players are involved at some level in the crime, they all are driven to support the false narrative and they all stand to face persecution, and a  loss of face, if that narrative is not maintained.

The manner in which America’s most famous public intellectuals stick to the 9.11 and COVID19 narratives, even in the face of overwhelming scientific evidence, suggests that a similar process is at work.

The COVID-19 Pathology: Class and Information Warfare, Algorithms and the Role of Artificial Intelligence

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