Think Vaccines Are Safe? Think Again! – Stephen Lendman

With the rollout of covid vaccines beginning —what no one should touch because of their serious potential health hazards — I continue to address this vital issue.

Health Impact covers quarterly National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP) reports.

For most drugs, producers are legally liable for harm they cause to consumers.

Vaccines developed and produced by Big Pharma are an exception to the rule. 

When cause illness, other serious health issues or death, aggrieved parties or family members can only seek US government compensation, not from Pharma companies.

Post-1980s, over $4 billion was paid to individuals claiming harm from vaccines when Washington accepted complaints.

It’s likely a tiny fraction of harm caused by hazardous to human health vaccines.

As I stressed repeatedly, rushed development of covid vaccines — completing trials normally taking 8 – 10 years in 6 to 9 months — makes them especially hazardous to human health.

It’ll be especially true for the elderly, others with weak immune systems, and individuals on meds to deal with one or more serious health issues.

Big Pharma’s zero vaccine liability and shortened FDA approval process facilitated full speed ahead in developing them.

Prioritizing profits over human health, fast-tracking approved by Washington poses serious health risks to countless numbers of individuals who unwittingly become human guinea pigs for a vast uncontrolled experiment that’s highly likely to turn out badly.

Think Vaccines Are Safe? Think Again!

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