Christmas Tales: Santa Claus is More Real Than New Government COVID Claims – 21st Century Wire

One of the things which makes the holiday season so enchanting are the tales of Santa and his reindeer, making that impossible trip on Christmas Eve to deliver presents and cheer to wide-eyed younglings around the world.  In 2020, Government has sought to muscle-in on the marketplace of myths with a competing set of fables of its own, suitable for adults and children alike.

Ever since March, the Government, in conjunction with its media partners, has erected a god-inspiring pandemic PR machine which is now in full-spin mode over the holiday season, with politicians continuing to ply the public with new weekly plot twists. and harrowing stories of ‘new strains’ of the no longer novel coronavirus – prompting bombastic calls to ‘Cancel Christmas‘ and throw the nation into a third lockdown. This, supposedly to save lives and to ‘protect the NHS.’

But how many of these claims by persons in positions of authority are true, and how many are contrived?

Just as when mum and dad have to break it to the kids that Santa is just a children’s fable, it’s high time we finally level with the public and reveal that underpinning this Christmas folly are nothing more than a fanciful woven basket of assumptions and myths. They are:

* ‘The ICUs are overrun, we’re running out of hospitals beds!’

* ‘A new mutant strain is on the loose, and it’s 70 percent more contagious!’

* The ‘R number’ is above one!

* ‘The real danger are asymptomatic spreaders!’

As it turns out, each of these widely-held assumptions are about as real as Santa, but in the absence of any noticeable adults in the room, this Christmas pantomime looks set to continue.

Christmas Tales: Santa Claus is More Real Than New Government COVID Claims

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