80,000 Sign Yeadon and Wodarg Vaccine Petition, EMA Still Silent – 21st Century Wire

Since late November, transnational pharmaceutical giants, propped-up by their partnering governments and their corporate media syndicate – have unleashed a torrent of high-level public relations and marketing for their brand new experimental mRNA COVID-19 vaccine – in the hopes of fast-tracking the controversial product’s approval. Their effort to sidestep normal safety and testing protocols appears to have worked – compressing what would normally be a 4 to 10 year process of animal testing, observation, retesting, human testing, reviewing, and follow-ups – into a new hyper-active ‘warp speed’ journey of just just 6 months. The recklessness of the industry and government has shocked many leading professionals in the field.

While politicians and the media have chosen to turn away and ignore these crucial concerns over this unprecedented ‘fast-tracked’ vaccine product, a few ethical professionals have been brave enough speak out and campaign for accountability on the issue. However, despite their success in garnering a substantial constituency of international support, government authorities and industry regulators are still hiding behind a wall of denial, refusing to acknowledge any requests for communication from dissenting parties.

80,000 Sign Yeadon and Wodarg Vaccine Petition, EMA Still Silent

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