No End to Israeli State Terror Ahead of 2021 Elections – Stephen Lendman

For long-suffering Palestinians and Syrians cross-border, it matters little which Israeli regime runs things.

Scant differences separate them on what’s most important for them, their fundamental rights ignored.

On Monday, hardliners infesting Israel’s Knesset failed to agree on a 2020 budget.

As a result, a fourth election since 2018 is coming in March — Israel’s parliament to dissolve at midnight Tuesday. More on this below.

While Israeli politicians dither and dicker, they’re largely united in waging war on Syria, along with endless state terror on Occupied  Palestinians.

Brutalizing them is a daily affair, virtually no letup any time of year, including during the Christmas, New Year, Hanukah season.

On Monday, Israeli soldiers fired live rounds at Palestinians threatening no one near Nablus in the West Bank.

Reportedly, five were wounded, others affected by tear gas.

According to eyewitnesses, IDF soldiers stormed the area, violently burst into an electronics store, arrested and detained its owner and others in the area.

On the same day, nine or more West Bank Palestinians were detained for praying to the wrong God.

A Palestinian youth was lethally shot in East Jerusalem.

With IDF support, militant Israeli settlers assaulted Palestinian farmers in Susya village, south of Hebron in the southern West Bank.

The Yesh Din human rights group stressed that Occupied Palestinians “are constantly vulnerable to arbitrary invasion of their homes by Israeli security forces and the severe, resulting harm,” adding: 

Invasions by the Israeli military into Palestinian homes in the West Bank are part and parcel to the routine of occupation and the system of control over the Palestinian population.” 

Among the variety of practices that characterize Israel’s military control over the West Bank, the harm caused by home invasions is particularly severe as it robs individuals, families and communities of the fundamental certainty that their home is their castle.

IDF home invasions occur multiple times daily — terrorizing Palestinians, traumatizing young children.

According to UN data, invasions of Palestinian homes occur around 200 times monthly. They’re part and parcel of Israeli terror against Palestinians for not being Jewish. 

No End to Israeli State Terror Ahead of 2021 Elections

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