UK ‘Variant Fears’ Are Over-Hyped Says Leading US Microbiologist – 21st Century Wire

In his brief but highly informative video presentation, leading American microbiologist Prof. Vincent R. Racaniello talks about why most viral mutations and ‘variants’ are of very little consequence, and why claims that it is more transmissible are not supported by the real scientific data.

This then begs the question: are European countries panicking and closing their borders based on fake news being disseminated by the UK government and mainstream media?

Prof. Racaniello points out that the UK Government’s NERVTAG science advisors are not actually following real science in their biological threat assessment, explaining that, “… in the end, I object to the use of epidemiological data to prove the biological properties of a virus. You need to do experiments with the virus to prove that you have increased transmissibility, or at least properties that are consistent with increased transmissibility, and that simply has not been done.

In my opinion, all the hype about this variant is unwarranted,” said Racaniello.

Members of Parliament are now calling for Hancock to resign because of his many evidence-free statements and non-scientific claims regarding the spread of COVID-19, and also because of his disturbing over-eagerness to shutdown UK cities and the economy.

UK ‘Variant Fears’ Are Over-Hyped Says Leading US Microbiologist

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