US sanctions the family of Syria’s First Lady -psychological warfare. – Vanessa Beeley

The announcment, by criminal Mike Pompeo, of sanctions on the British born family of Syria’s first lady, Asma Al Assad, is psychological warfare against those who have held this country together during the last ten years of war and devastating economic terrorism imposed upon Syria by the US supremacist alliance.

The latest sanctions target not only members of Asma Al Assad’s family in the UK ( her two brothers are doctors) but they attack the heart of the Syrian economy, the Bank of Syria. Trump’s administration will be remembered for an eclectic foreign policy with some apparent attempts to withdraw from Syria which were seemingly derailed by the deep state.

However, in my opinion, Trump was the economic sledgehammer administration – designed to reduce much of the region to a state of economic freefall, including neighbouring Lebanon – in order to continue the bi-partisan agenda of “regime change” in Syria.

Now, we have Biden and the war-relic-administration where the most ardent and bloodthirsty of the neoconservative alliance will be back in power and preying on the world. There is no difference between Presidents, or parties – they are largely irrelevant except to provide some mirage of choice in the narcissitic US. Those behind the throne are the ones pulling the strings and manufacturing chaos.

Asma Al Assad works tirelessly for her people, even during her road to recovery from cancer. I challenge any of these destructive rogue states in the West to demonstrate anything even close to the First Lady’s dedication to the betterment of society and compassion for her people. These latest sanctions are nothing more than the embodiment of evil designed to crush the spirit of the courageous people of this country. They will not succeed.

US sanctions the family of Syria’s First Lady -psychological warfare.

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