Hazardous Covid Vaccines Fail the Safety Test – Stephen Lendman

Children’s Health Defense (CHD) asked: “How will we know (if a covid) vaccine is safe? See below.

What’s being rolled out this month in the US and UK, then elsewhere, is hazardous to human health and well-being.

It’s crucial to avoid these experimental vaccines to stay well. 

The elderly, others with weakened immune systems, and everyone using a cocktail of drugs for illnesses are most vulnerable to be harmed by experimental, inadequately tested covid vaccines.

What’s going on is a widespread  human health experiment that’s highly likely to turn out badly.

Fast-tracked clinical trials excluded elderly and frail individuals.

So nothing is known on how experimental covid vaccines will affect them short and longer-term.

It’s a crap shoot with loaded dice against them — a lose-lose scenario for them and family members.

Elderly and frail individuals are much more vulnerable to illnesses than younger fit individuals in good health.

Mass-vaxxing nursing home residents and others who are elderly and frail most likely will shorten their lives — because of hazardous toxins in all vaccines and who knows what hidden ones are in experimental covid ones.

When elderly individuals die, societies consider it natural — possible death from unsafe covid vaxxing likely to go unmentioned.

All vaccines weaken the immune system. They leave vaxxed individuals vulnerable to any one of a number of serious illnesses and diseases.

They alter the human genetic makeup. They increase childhood illnesses.

They harm human health instead of protecting it.

A previous article explained that over 100,000 Americans die each year from prescribed drugs, including vaccines — along with many-fold more adverse reactions.

Vaccines create customers for other toxic drugs, not immunity.

There is nothing remotely safe about all vaccines. 

Experimental covid ones are likely to be much more hazardous to human health than others that went through years of development before approval.

Hazardous Covid Vaccines Fail the Safety Test

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