Keri Smith: ‘How I Left the Social Justice Cult’ – 21st Century Wire

Are the culture wars destroying American education? By now, we’re all familiar with the pitched battle waged between radical left-wing ideologues and moderate traditionalists and religious conservatives. This war has been building since the 1960s, but in recent years the country has witnessed how the Left – which previously sung the virtues of free speech and tolerance – has now suddenly become the driving force for intolerance, as Cosmopolitan-dominated leftwing “progressive” students, administrators and teachers – now demand more censorship, deplatforming and the general silencing of any opinions or voices which the mob deems to be politically incorrect, or simply disagrees with. Social justice activists claim they are merely ‘fighting racism and gender discrimination,’ but is there something else brewing below the surface? Recently, defectors and whistleblowers from political Left have been speaking out against what they describe a kind of radicalized religious cult which, thanks to generous funding and political backing, has been allowed to fester and takeover educational institutions across America.

In this episode of Triggernometry, hosts Konstantine and Francis talk with former SJW and co-host of the Unsafe Space podcast Keri Smith about her journey from the radical left back to saner ground. Watch:

Keri Smith: ‘How I Left the Social Justice Cult’

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