WHO (secretly) changed their definition of “Herd Immunity” – OffGuardian

The World Health Organization has changed the definition of “herd immunity” on the Covid section of their website, inserting the claim that it is a “concept used in vaccination”, and requires a vaccine to be achieved.

Both of these statements are total falsehoods, which is demonstrated by the WHO’s own website back in June, and every dictionary definition of “herd immunity” you can find.

No explanation is offered for the change, in fact (no) note of the change is made on the website at all.

Indeed all the previous versions of the website have been totally wiped from the wayback machine. A telling thing to do, in and of itself.

We’re only aware of the change because screencaps of the original exist:

The new definition, aside from being inaccurate and off-handedly disposing of decades of epidemiological research, is also contradictory. It includes the phrase:

Herd immunity is achieved by protecting people from a virus, not by exposing them to it.

Which is newspeak doublethink nonsense. The entire point of vaccination IS “exposing” people to the virus.

This revised, inaccurate and contradictory definition of “herd immunity” was first expressed in a speech by WHO Director General Thedros Adhanom on October 12th. Within three days that speech had been added, word for word, to the website. And within a month of the change, the UK had approved the first commercial vaccine for Sars-Cov-2 infection.

We’re truly in an Orwellian timeline, where the powers that be can simply change the meaning of words and phrases to suit their purpose.

WHO (secretly) changed their definition of “Herd Immunity”

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