Covid-19 as a Pretext for a Public Registry and Mass-Intimidation – The Ghion Journal

Tyranny is never birthed overnight; like a fetus developing in the womb, it grows in stages and undergoes incremental expansion until one day we wake up and we are enveloped by despotism. This emerging autocracy is precisely what is taking place on our watch; while we are being distracted by manufactured outrages and fabricated political crises, the world slowly edges into the abyss of global totalitarianism.

Just yesterday, Spain announced the launch of a public registry that will keep track of people who refuse to take Covid-19 vaccines. Trust, this is only the first bite of many more chomps to come. Spain, under the guise of public safety, is rolling out a campaign of coercion that will witness mass-intimidation and the sharing of private information meant to prompt compliance for fear of ostracization.

Spain was quick to note that this registry will be not be public but quickly followed with a clarification that should send shockwaves into the minds of all who care about privacy and the freedoms we cherish. Health Minister Salvador Illa, ironic how people become their names, stated that the vaccine will not be mandatory but “whoever decides not to do so will be included in a “register” which will then be shared with other European Union countries”.

Goodbye confidentiality, hello fascism. What we are seeing in HD reality is a plan hatched a long time ago to pressure humanity into taking a vaccine that is both unproven and unscientific. Using the full force and might of mainstream media, narratives echoed by the establishment and paid agents of the corporate-state, we are being brow-beaten into consent. Those who question authority or dare to ask for more information are dismissed as conspiracy theorists and their voices silenced by a blitz of lies and disinformation.

Covid-19 as a Pretext for a Public Registry and Mass-Intimidation

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