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Dear Friends:

What a strange year this has been. The assaults on our liberty have come at such a furious pace and it looks as if there is no end in sight. The mainstream media has become so unreliable that it is almost self-parody. Big Tech is determined to silence any voices challenging the status quo. In fact, just last week an episode of our Ron Paul Liberty Report was removed from YouTube and a warning was issued.

Big tech and the Beltway elites have seen the enemy…and it is us!

We are not daunted. It just makes us work harder to be that reliable source of information – and sanity – that people can turn to. With the daily Ron Paul Liberty Report the Institute has become a serious player on the media scene. We have nearly a third of a million subscribers to our channel, with 30 million program views for a total of just over four million viewing hours!

Last week Congress voted on a 5,000 page, trillion dollar “stimulus” bill – the second major “stimulus” after the $2.2 trillion CARES Act passed in March. Why all this stimulus? In typical government fashion, Congress is creating trillions out of thin air to address the problems created by government in the first place with its wrong-headed approach to a “pandemic” that they tell us broke out earlier this year.

Everything was declared “non-essential” and locked down – except of course the incredibly powerful and politically connected big-box stores and online shopping companies. These were “essential,” and while Main Street was decimated, they raked in record profits. Money from the poor transferred to the rich.

As could be expected, many of those billions in the combined stimulus/omnibus bill are going to prop up war and the empire. $700 million to Sudan? Another half billion to Israel? Ten million dollars for “gender projects” in Pakistan? The only thing getting stimulated by this bill is the Deep State!

Meanwhile the bill once again attacks Washington’s favorite bogeyman, Russia. Demanding Russia stop “meddling” in eastern Ukraine? That they exit Crimea? Are these really worth going to thermonuclear war over?Congress seems to think so – and it’s all bi-partisan!

And if that’s not bad enough, the incoming Biden foreign policy team thought overthrowing the Ukrainian government was a terrific idea! They want to go back into Syria to overthrow the secular Assad government. They think they actually “liberated” Libya instead of destroying it.

They are hell-bent on war. We’ve got to stop them.

Ron Paul Institute Year End Report

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