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It’s New Year’s Eve again, which means we’ll do that important dance once more, our time-honoured tradition of looking back at the most important, most unusual, and dare we say conspiratorial events of the previous  year. It’s been said that 2020 wasn’t so much a year to be experienced, so much as it was a year to be endured.

Last year we said that “if 2019 taught us anything, it’s that conspiracies are real.”

This year we can take that a step further: if 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that the so-called ‘conspiracy theorists’ were right all along.

We realize that must be a really bitter red pill to swallow for many a mainstream media maven, who for years have tried to fashion careers out of deriding and persecuting anyone who defied the official narrative, labeling them as dangerous ‘conspiracy theorists’ and purveyors of ‘disinformation.’ Hence, the new paradigm going forward shall be:

Conspiracy Realists vs Coincidence Theorists.

There were a number of honorable mentions this past year which would have normally been good enough to break into the top ten, but sadly no chance this time…

Honorable Mentioned Highlights

The trial in the Netherlands of the downing of Flight MH17 began in March and was threatening to unhinged a major lynch-pin story used by NATO members states in order to demonize, isolate and geopolitically contain Russia. Before hearings really got off the ground, they were delayed – as nearly all of Europe began headed into ‘pandemic’ lockdowns. Another casualty of COVID it seemed. Court proceedings have since resumed, and may end up severely damaging the West’s main sacred cow of official anti-Russian fake news, so watch this space. Another saga which bled into 2020 was of course the Jeffrey Epstein affair. Back in August 2019, the notorious sex trafficker and friend to the rich and famous, succumbed “suicide by hanging” in his cell just before he was due to testify and give evidence. But the VIPs were still on the hook, including British royal Prince Andrew, but more importantly Epstein’s partner-in-crime, Ghislaine Maxwell, who was arrested this year and was recently denied $28.5 million bail request as she awaits court proceedings. Other high-profile Epstein co-conspirators were arrested too, including former French modelling agency procurer Jean-Luc Brunel, but where this story will lead is still murky. During the 2020 Democrat Primaries, the first glimpse of high-tech election fraud emerged during the Iowa Caucuses – after the party insiders managed to funnel all of the votes through a dodgy digital election App which allowed spook-spoiler candidate Pete Buttigieg to come from behind and steal victory from the front-runner Bernie Sanders. One of the beneficiaries of this scam was Joe Biden himself, then struggling to keep up with the voters’ favorites at the time. Not surprisingly, Silicon Valley billionaires were behind this effort, which really foreshadowed the historic capers to follow in November. Big Tech, led by Google’s star chamber at YouTube certainly made their big play with an insidious new level of political censorship, while the mainstream media fired off its initial disturbing salvo deploying their “Deep Fake” illusion with the Queens Speech on Dec 25th. In terms of the outright bizarre and unusual, there is the mysterious Kubrick-style Monoliths which suddenly appeared in a number of exotic locations, first in the high deserts of Utah, and then on England’s Isle of Wight, and numerous others. And just like in 2001: A Space Odyssey, the primates showed up in droves (only this time taking selfies).

With that in mind, here are the absolute show-stoppers of 2020…

YEAR IN REVIEW: 2020 Top Ten (Real) Conspiracies

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