Pressure builds up again in Syria as terrorist attacks on civilians and army increase – Vanessa Beeley

At 9.30pm on the 3rd of January,  a convoy of fuel tanks and three buses came under ISIS attack on the Salamiyeh to Ithriya road, according to the Hama Governor, Muhammad Tariq Kreshati. The terrorist attack led to nine martyrs, including a child (according to some reports) and injured four civilians. The remaining passengers were treated at Al Salamiyeh hospital. The attack was carried out with machine guns. Update in the tweet below:

An attack on fuel tankers is a part of the sadistic war on resources, the US/UK-led multi spectrum war against the Syrian people to deprive them of essential commodities without which their lives are plunged into darkness, cold and food insecurity as the harshest winter months approach. I would include the recent attack in Deir Ezzor that has now damaged the main arterial road from the US-occupied oil-fields to the Syrian capital, Damascus and raised threat levels for any convoys travelling this route. 

On the same day, a huge explosion targeted the gas and diesel depot in the Lebanese Al Qasr region (near Mutrebeh village) on the Syrian borders, causing extensive material damage and injuries. Flames were reported to be ten metres high. 

Without a doubt, we are seeing the uptick in “swarming” warfare inside Syria – isolated attacks carried out by terrorist cells under the protection of the US Coalition at Al Tanf base in the south-east. With Joe Biden about to be inaugurated, this is an indication that the war against Syria is about to be revived. Reports have also been received of the likelihood of a false flag attack in Iraq during January that might ignite a regional conflict with Iran at the eye of the storm. 

I will do my best to update you on a daily basis on the events inside Syria. 

Pressure builds up again in Syria as terrorist attacks on civilians and army increase

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