Corporate Cultism – Eric Peters Autos

Let’s hold the line,” urges a tired-sounding Cranston – dirgy piano music in the background, a helicopter ferrying a “case” to the hospital. More Face-Diapered children peering sadly at the world outside from behind a plate glass window.  

Sacrifice for it”  . . .  though we know the people enjoining us to wear the Holy Rag often don’t. And haven’t “sacrificed” a thing themselves. Indeed, have profited from our enforced misery. Acquired fortunes by forcing others to “sacrifice.” Acquired power, by using that word to justify it.

It’s sickening.

Cue the hypnotic humming. 

We are so close”  . . . to the Holy Jab. Cue the conveyor belt of phials and scenes of caring first-responders administering the Holy Dose . . . by force. New York lawmakers are already proposing concentration camps for Needle Refusers – “cases” and “contacts” of “communicable diseases” – even if they haven’t actually got one.

For up to 90 days. Nacht und Nebel.

And even if that doesn’t come to pass, economic force will be used to corner the un-Needled into accepting the jab for a sickness they haven’t got and have little, if anything, to fear from.

Which raises questions about why it must be forced – if it’s so very desirable. Also, if it works. If so, then the people who want it and get it themselves should be just fine – even if those who don’t want it don’t get it.

Never mind. Cue the music.

Soon, we will be what we were,” Cranston promises. Just wear your Holy Rag and – when it is offered – accept the Holy Jab. Bring your children in for theirs.

Then you – and they – will be allowed to return to a normal life. The commercial shows faces – implying we’ll be allowed to see them and show them again . . . if only we accept the Holy Jab, which is “so close.

It is obscene nonsense.

Worse, even, than the insipid, oleaginous/ersatz compassion injunctions to wear the Sickness Hijab and play Sickness Kabuki  . .  . to “sacrifice” for it.

Because the Holy Jab isn’t the end of it. It is merely the beginning of it.

It is your permanent induction into the Sickness Cult. Now and forever, amen.

Pope Fauci XVIII and his viceroy, Bill Gates, have already said that Needling will not be the end of it. That wearing of the Sickness Burqa will “have to continue” for the indefinite future – always pushed forward – along with all the other permanent rituals of the Sickness Cult.

This is the New Normal we’ve been hearing about since the Cult was formally established in the spring of 2020.

Corporate Cultism

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