The new fascism – police raid a house in Scotland – Vanessa Beeley

THIS IS HORRIFYING. The new Fascist state.

“Coronavirus tyranny in Scotland reached new levels this week as Police Scotland Brownshirts barge into family home and wrestle the parents to the floor infront of horrified children, their excuse? “They’ve got suspicion people are living there from outside their bubble”!

From Azra Dale:

“This is a very disturbing video.

The police appear to have barged into the house after the man or woman opened the door to them. The police say they were “under suspicion they had people” in their home. The woman says that she is “a woman of this land” and aggressive cop says it doesn’t matter. I can’t make out exactly what the woman and cop say but she responds with “get your fking body out of my fking house.” The cop replies, “absolutely not.” Then I think the cop says, ‘sit ye down or I’ll book you for breach of the peace.’ The man then moves in front of the woman to protect her and separate her from the cop.

Meanwhile the daughter has been filming this and calls out “mum, just stop it mum” as her mum is understandably getting riled up with the cop threatening her in her home. The daughter is calling, saying ‘what’s wrong?” The man is standing in front of the woman but the cop moves in to try to get at her. The daughter moves closer and the 2nd cop is now momentarily in the frame and apparently pushes the girl to the floor. Perhaps he was trying to grab the phone as it’s knocked. A struggle ensues with erratic video footage and the audio continues to be recorded.

Mum is struggling to get to her daughter, and I think her son momentarily appears in the frame of the struggle. The mum is becoming more frantic – I think the boy and then the mum say the girl has just come home from the hospital. Mum screams to “leave her alone – get off of her! She has epilepsy… she has epilepsy…she’s having a seizure!!!”

I think the man yells at the cop to stand back and then the cop bellows at him “you stand back or you’ll be in cuffs!”

The struggle continues whilst the daughter is having an epileptic seizure. The mum is screaming to get the cops out of there and I believe aggressive cop says I’m trying to help you!

It’s horribly harrowing. “

The new fascism – police raid a house in Scotland

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