If Ever There Were a Time for a Stateless Society, This Is it! – LewRockwell

“How I wished during those sleepless hours that I belonged to a different nation, or better still, to none at all.”

~ Winfried Georg Sebald, “Vertigo” 1990

Why is it that mankind believes and practices the insanity of government and rule, and allows people they ‘believe’ to be like them to be their lord and master? Why do Americans that grew up believing in freedom think that they cannot survive unless they serve under a dominant tyrannical governing system? Is it that all men except those voluntarily chosen to hold political office are completely stupid, corrupt, and villainous, and cannot function without an emperor or president to control them? Is it that they have been taught to believe that they do not have the power to defend themselves, but if they choose a claimed ‘leader’ and give him power over them, that he will protect them? Is it because they have been fooled into believing these lies, and have forever lived as an oppressed society without knowing the real truth? Or is it that the masses understand that the spectre of government allows them to gain for themselves by using a proxy strongman to plunder and steal from their neighbors so that they can benefit from that armed robbery?

How did any ever come to the conclusion that a life under rule was superior to a life of freedom? How does one answer such a contradictory question, without assuming that most all the American population must be either completely brainwashed beyond any recognition, or is too mentally and physically weak by nature to resist servitude? The result of allowing a ruling class to sit atop a throne of authority, while giving those same rulers the power to make all law, means that the entire populace other than that small upper class, have no option except to live as slaves. In other words, most all in this country whether they realize it or not, have voluntarily accepted slavery as their lot in life. This cannot be blamed on the evil despotic members of society that claim, hold, and abuse power, because the people gave them that power willingly. Therefore, all fault lies with the people themselves, and the only solution necessary in order to regain freedom is for the people to demand and take it.

The “State” is forever and always the enemy of the people, and therefore, the only proper position to take if liberty is sought is one of becoming an enemy of the state. All should consider the state the most aggressive enemy imaginable, and then do whatever is necessary to tear down that false and criminal institution.

We are in a dire situation, and one that if not addressed quickly, will turn into the worst nightmare of our lives. Consider what you are allowing to happen right before your eyes, and then reflect on what a life without this abominable state and its murderous governing tactics could become simply by eliminating the tyrannical rule that has now exposed its intent to reshape the world into a communistic technocracy. That world would be one without love, without family, without joy, without the ability to travel; a world of isolation in a faceless society, of medical martial law, and one of total control where people are nothing more than cogs in a wheel of totalitarian hell. Consider that those you have been taught to hate by this very state apparatus, those like Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and others, would have given anything to be in a position of power and control that currently exists in the United States today. This fraudulent ‘virus pandemic’ is a dictator’s dream, and is a false flag being used by those you call your ‘representatives,’ to capture and destroy your minds, bodies, livelihoods, savings and retirement, family, friends, and all your private property. You are freely choosing to allow this hostile invasion of your lives, and if you do not stop it, you will have caused your own demise. All should at once act as individuals in unified concert with one another to erase this oppression.

It is time to refuse any and every order by this pathetic and evil governing system. It is time to refuse to pay all tax to this monster. It is time to open all your businesses, and to reclaim your independence. It is time to take off these noxious masks that are only meant to gauge compliance and to dehumanize us all. It is time to gather together at every opportunity, and to enjoy a full and beautiful social life. It is time to arm yourselves, not for the purpose of aggression, but for the purpose of self-defense against this onslaught of state enforcement of draconian rules. It is time to tell any corporation that is restricting normal behavior due to state orders to stand down or lose their business. It is time to forcefully defy in numbers each and every assault by state goons called ‘law’ enforcement. It is time to actively defend yourselves from thugs and gangs commissioned and protected by the state in order to allow them to cause chaos and division. It is time to travel at will regardless of state mandates. It is time for you to demand to see and console your family members in hospitals and nursing homes regardless of criminal behavior by these now mostly terrible institutions. It is time to tell these demonic politicians that you will not accept any state passport (papers) or monitoring devices. It is time to refuse any deadly, experimental, and body and mind-altering vaccination. It is time to wake up and take back your freedom by any means necessary! And when this is done, it is time for all of us to head to the pubs and restaurants for a mass celebration.

There is a saying that freedom is not free, and this is very true, but that has absolutely nothing to do with supporting those murderers for the state that kill innocents around the world in the false name of protecting freedom. Freedom is the duty and responsibility of each individual, and it has nothing to do with war; it has everything to do with protecting yourselves from the very state you now call your nation. The only risk to freedom lies within your own ruling class, and it is called government.

If Ever There Were a Time for a Stateless Society, This Is it!

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