The Psychological Attack on the UK: Start of a Series – UK Column

This short article forms the introduction to the first of a series of video discussions by Brian Gerrish and Alex Thomson on the subject of the psychological attack on the United Kingdom, and the origins, history and form of that attack.

Is such an attack happening? Yes, it certainly is, and if you would like an immediate introduction as to the reality of this statement, you may like to start by reading the excellent article The Psychological Attack on the UK by Dr Bruce Scott, already posted on the UK Column website.

The excellent article on the Psychological Attack on the UK by Dr Bruce Scott, highlighted at the start of this article, focuses attention of the present and very real circumstances of calculated and malicious psychological control of the public as part of the Covid ‘pandemic’. The video discussion by former GCHQ Eastern Bloc specialist Alex Thomson and myself, which takes a look back over several decades, will ultimately connect with Dr Scott’s 2021 analysis. First, though, we start with the EU Collective destabilisation table informed by Yuri Bezmenov’s confessions, and the nature, loyalties and warnings of defectors such as Bezmenov. By pursuing this strategy in the series that follows, we will start to draw together an analysis as to the real origins of the use of applied psychology to manipulate individuals and the general public to the aims and objectives of a hostile state or ideological power.

At this stage, we ask the reader if they were even aware that in 2010 the UK Government boasted in its Mindspace document (p. 66, bottom) that it could change the way the public thought and behaved without us even knowing this had been done. Even if we assume that our government only has our best interests at heart, the document and techniques are surely of concern in that we were not widely and publicly informed of the intention to use such techniques. When we realise that our government clearly does not always have our best interests at heart, the applied behavioural psychology techniques in question become more chilling in their reality and implications.

Against this backdrop, an increasing number of people in the UK today sense or fully realise that something is wrong. Current ‘lockdown’ restrictions have certainly heightened these feelings, but underneath — and even before — the Covid scare, many people felt an increased air of confusion, uncertainty, stress and even chaos. The reality is that every man, woman and child within the UK is being attacked. But how, and why?

To find out, join Alex Thomson and myself in Part One of our video discussions on the psychological attack on the UK.

The Psychological Attack on the UK: Start of a Series

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