Government Is not Owned and Controlled by the People, People Are Owned and Controlled by Government – LewRockwell

“Any government, that is its own judge of, and determines authoritatively for the people, what are its own powers over the people, is an absolute government of course. It has all the powers that it chooses to exercise. There is no other or at least no more accurate definition of a despotism than this.”

Lysander Spooner (1971). “The Collected Works of Lysander Spooner: Legal writings”

Other than self-government such as peaceful anarchy or voluntarism, government in every circumstance is structured to manage and control the people by force. This is regardless of what particular type of governing system exists; whether a democracy, a constitutional republic, an oligarchy, or confederacy; whether it may be socialistic, communistic, fascist, or a monarchy. These and any other of the many forms of governance are all based on power and control over the masses. This has always been, and the people themselves have not only allowed this to happen, but have purposely structured these systems of rule.

We are now in a living hell in this country, and all that consumes this pathetic American population is which repugnant candidate of one or the other political parties will be selected as their new master. Both sides of the herd are playing each toward the middle, while both sides of the political class are using the election circus that they purposely created for their own advantage, in an attempt to gain power for themselves over the proletariat. This of course is to the detriment of all except the ruling class of monsters. The two fighting factions that are the most prevalent, those supporting the Republicans or those supporting the Democrats, are equally very stupid, and cannot understand that by fighting against each other, they are simply allowing this evil totalitarian system of rule to continue on while gaining strength that will be leveraged against the people in order to benefit the few in the top one percent. No matter who ‘wins’ any election, we all lose.

Most all of our problems stem from government. This government is made up of politicians and the political state they built, and they have been the direct cause of our disorder and tyranny since the beginning. Why do any still believe that politics and government are the answer to our ills, and that the kings in power today are any better than the kings of the past? Consider where we are now and where we are going. Our economy and livelihoods have been destroyed by the very system that is allowed to exist. State brutality is rampant, and getting worse every day. Every aspect of life is controlled, regulated, restricted, and surveilled by the growing technocratic state, and draconian mandates of behavior are out of control. The entire country has been locked down over a fraudulent ‘virus pandemic,’ travel has been nearly eliminated, deadly masks are required in much of the country, and we are all being told to not have relationships with others, gather together, or socialize in any way. Every joyous activity is being closed down or cancelled. There are no live music concerts, dining out at restaurants with family and friends has become similar to a scene from a dystopian horror movie, and shopping is now akin to walking silently in a faceless zone of zombies.

In addition to all this, the police state atmosphere is becoming more obvious, tracking and tracing each and every individual is common, and terroristic tactics by government enforcers have already begun with much harsher treatment coming for any that disagree or dissent. The military is being called upon more often, is being used for additional domestic policing, and has been commissioned to distribute poisonous vaccinations to all. In the midst of all this, attempts to silence any that do not fully agree with the state narrative is going forward at lightening speed, and alternative news sources are being closed down and censored on a daily basis.

We are living in a time where no rights whatsoever are respected concerning the people of this country, but the controlling ‘elite’ and their government puppets continue to live mostly without restriction. We are now ruled by an oligarchic upper class, while all the rest of society languishes at the bottom of the heap as serfs. Where is all the anger due to this tyranny that has consumed society? It seems that we are all fighting against one another while those in the ruling class that are causing all the problems are laughing while plotting the final stage of the coup called the “Great Reset.”

The political system has never existed to give or protect liberty; it is only there to seek more money, power, and control over society. No political solution to this debacle exists, no voting process is worthwhile, and in fact, no remedy for this tyrannical sickness will ever be due to politics or government. The only solution is for the people themselves to stand together instead of fighting each other, to dissent at every level possible, and to disobey all government orders.

Government Is not Owned and Controlled by the People, People Are Owned and Controlled by Government

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