Israel Bombs Deir Ezzor City and Al Bukamal Area in the East of Syria – Syria News

Israel carried out a new bombing against Syria after midnight targeting the northeastern Syrian city of Deir Ezzor and Al Bukamal area near the borders with Iraq.

A Syrian military spokesperson said: ‘At 01:10 am of this day the Israeli enemy carried out an aerial bombing against the city of Deir Ezzor and the Al Bukamal region, assessments of the results of this aggression are underway.’

This story is developing.

The map shows the possible route used by the Israeli drones to carry out today’s bombing using a corridor used by the US forces illegally positioned in Syria

There’s also a possibility unless confirmed otherwise, that this latest aggression could have been carried out with the help of the regime of the Turkish madman Erdogan through Turkish airspace from the north; the neo-Ottoman sultan wannabe might be seeking to avenge the latest Russian bombing of an illegal oil refinery facility run by Al Qaeda-affiliated terrorist groups who sell their stolen Syrian oil output to Erdogan’s family businesses and their partners.

This marks the second Israeli bombing against Syria this month so far and the 4th in the past 30 days against the country that has been fighting the US-sponsored international terrorism of ISIS and other Al Qaeda affiliated groups for the past decade.

Israeli increased attacks are coordinated with an increase of ISIS terrorist attacks and the re-emerging of the terrorist sleeping cells from areas controlled by the USA and their Kurdish SDF proxies. ISIS cells carried out two deadly attacks in the past month and their last infiltration attempt was confronted by Syrian Arab Army units in the eastern countryside of Hama on the 10th of January and the Russian fighter jets bombed ISIS supply lines coming from the US military illegal bases in eastern Syria.

We’re waiting for further information on this latest Israeli aggression from confirmed sources, these bombings that wouldn’t occur without the weird silence by the United Nations Security Council, which obviously failed its main mandate, and the silencing campaigns by NATO member states of the United Nations.

Israel Bombs Deir Ezzor City and Al Bukamal Area in the East of Syria

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