Trump, Q, The Stolen US Election and the Insurrection Act… — Check The Evidence

In relation to my lack of conviction, I’d like to offer some thoughts on some of the commentators concerned – one of whom I have personally met on at least 2 occasions – the other I have corresponded with by email. Before I get into that, I preface these thoughts with a more fundamental issue with which my research and articles/postings (like this) are concerned – disclosure of the truths in relation to global mass deceptions. One of the main truths I want to see disclosed to the world is the truth about what happened to the WTC on 9/11. This truth has already been disclosed, though – by Dr Judy Wood – see, and also the 2 books, available free at www.checktheevidence… that I have written about 9/11.

I want to see someone like Donald J Trump discussing it and holding the guilty accountable for their actions. This particular issue is directly relevant to my dealings with two of the recent “commentators” that have been “revealing” Trump’s recent actions in relation to the election result.

In relation to the Q source, I have to point out that if you visit a website which collates the so-called “Q Drops” – we can see there have been no updates since December the 8th – so it appears that whatever information has been coming out about the “election aftermath” has not been coming from Q. (Please note that some statements/revelations attributed to the Q source did not come from there.) It is easy to learn that some who follow the Q drops/narratives are quite zealous and follow a kind of “Trump is the Saviour narrative” – and they frequently mention things like “God” or “The Will of God” etc. This is not, of course, in itself a bad thing – but it doesn’t always sit well with me, because it can be a distraction from the actual evidence being discussed.

Rudy Giuliani

The former Mayor of New York has become quite prominent in the Election Fraud hearings in support of Trump. He does not give me a “warm glow” – because he seems to be just an opportunist and isn’t really interested in the truth. He’s more interested, I think, in being seen to be doing the right thing rather than doing the right thing.

He seemed to be “doing the right thing” when he posted a video called “what really happened On January 6th” which documents some of the shenanigans that took place at the Capitol Building during the protests there. However, I could never forget his appearance at the 2004 Republican Convention, where he mentioned “terrorism” and “terrorists” multiple times in his speech. Also I cannot forget that Giuliani was only “a half block away” from the first “bomb” that went off in London on 07 July 2005.

Charlie Ward 

Ward, who worked in the field of international (physical) money transfer/delivery has claimed for some time that Trump and Q are “working for the greater good” etc. He seems to be a very likeable, jolly and quite knowledgeable chap! Many of his videos have an embedded tagline of “Jesus Loves You” at the beginning. Ward states he has known of the general Q/Trump plan for some time – having been forewarned of the idea of a “global lockdown” in relation to “something” about 1 year before the whole COVID-19 scam got underway. I have not heard Ward talk about 9/11 though.

Charlie Freak

He has also been posting videos and updates about the Q narrative, but frequently mentions “god” and so forth. Whilst his interviews are interesting and uplifting, it should be noted that on his website, he states he is a “Writer, Husband, Father, Friend...seeking answers to my existence on this stationary, flat plane.” Why the utterly ridiculous emboldened statement is important enough to him to include in the very brief discussion of his life is unclear to me – but of course does nothing to enhance his credibility.

Robert David Steele

Steele has also been connected to the Q narrative – and has in the past stated that he is a “former spy.” I had a “run in” with Steele  a few years ago (I am not sure of the exact date without delving into my email archive). At the time he was putting together some kind of document or petition – it was possibly this letter to Trump that is posted on a blog of his: “Memoranda for the President on 9/11” To his credit, he was consulting various researchers while drafting his letter or report. He sent me a link to this report and I noted that it contained a mention of the destruction of the WTC – including links about “thermite” and “nuclear devices.” I pointed out to him that he should remove these links altogether or point out that they were disinformation. I pressed him on these points, but he refused to acknowledge the truth and then insulted me. Note that his “memorandum” on the research of Dr Judy Wood  contains no links to her website or book – or  my research or my books. It does, however, contain links back to the proven disinformation outfit known as AE911 (discussed extensively in my free books).

Simon Parkes

Several people contacted me saying that Simon Parkes had stated Trump had signed the act  and we should expect some resulting events – such as power cuts and so on. Parkes, too, has his own website where he states:

Simon Parkes is a life long experiencer of aliens, shadow people, elementals and ufo’s, these include Mantid (Mantis) beings, Draconis Reptilian, Feline, small and tall Grey creatures, Crystalline beings and other creatures that can’t be identified. Simon was an elected Politician and served a full term of office.

Parkes became more well known in 2015, when he appeared in a short interview on UK National TV. Two years before that, in 2013, I met Parkes when he attended my “9/11 Finding the Truth” presentation that I gave to a small group in Hull, UK. Parkes complemented me on my presentation. It turned out that he and I were staying in the same friend’s house for the evening, so after the presentation, I met and chatted with him for about 2 hours. I explained more of the “back story” about 9/11 and he seemed to understand what I was saying – and seemed to be accepting of it. He talked to me further about him knowing people in the intelligence services and showed me a set of “sew-on Uniform Patches” – themed around black operations and aliens. The designs were interesting – but did not, in my view, prove anything (it may have been that he got them from some bespoke embroidery service for all I know).

In September 2013, Parkes gave a presentation to another group in Birmingham, which was attended by a trusted friend and contact – who filmed Parkes’ presentation there out of interest. This friend then sent me the footage of where Parkes was describing how the WTC complex underwent “controlled demolition” with bombs and/or thermite. How odd – when I’d shown him the evidence that this could not be true – and it was some type of weapon from a “black programme” that was used. Also odd that he was “into” black-ops type topics and so one would have thought he would be interested to have done his own research on what I showed him. Hence, I can only regard Simon Parkes as unreliable – or perhaps, even, dishonest in his presentation of some topics.

My Interest is the Truth

We are definitely in a struggle between “good” and “evil” forces right now – and in the discussion of what Donald J Trump has done, should do and will do some people would argue that he is “good” and some that he is “evil.” Myself, I try not to get too caught up the “biblical” or “religious” aspects of the affair and I also want to avoid being caught up in the “patriotic” aspects of it (and I can’t really because I am not American!!) I want Donald J Trump – and those who oppose him – to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. However, judging by people’s preferences for beliefs over knowledge, I feel the truth often doesn’t stand a chance of being told, heard, learned or understood… Perhaps you agree…

Trump, Q, The Stolen US Election and the Insurrection Act…

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