Flashback: How Skewed Data Used to Justify UK Lockdown Has Been ‘Proven False’ – 21st Century Wire

As Boris Johnson’s government slammed a third lockdown on the people of Britain, few in the mainstream media and academia, let alone any of the political opposition, have dared question any of the alleged ‘science’ being touted by the government’s vaunted SAGE committee which is said to be comprised the country’s ‘top experts’ on public health, epidemiology and virology.

One of the country’s top epidemiologist has been roundly ignored by the government and media is Professor Carl Heneghan, who has consistently challenged the government’s unsubstantiated claims and assumptions used to justify reactionary COVID lockdown measures.

It seems that since the very beginning of crisis, a series of highly misleading graphs have been presented at Downing Street press conferences, always featuring wildly inflated ‘cases’ and ‘deaths’ – clearly designed to scare the public into submission.

As it turns out, according to the government’s own official data sets, loud claims in the media that “the virus is out of control” are simply not true and yet, the damaging policies still remain in place – and even ramped-up in most instances.

Looking back to November, we’re reminded of just how wrong the government has been at every turn in the ‘pandemic’…

Flashback: How Skewed Data Used to Justify UK Lockdown Has Been ‘Proven False’

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