Closer and Closer to the End: More Sickness and More Murder by the State – Gary D. Barnett

After writing about the premeditated murder of those accepting and taking this bioweapon called a Covid ‘vaccine’ two days ago, things continue to deteriorate as the state’s tyrannical agendas move forward at an accelerated pace. People are dying all around this country and the world in large numbers after taking this deadly concoction of infectious material, toxins, and bioweapon poisons. Stories abound telling of nursing home deaths where more are dying than did all last year in just a few days after receiving this pharmaceutical weapon. This is easy for the state perpetrators to cover up because they can adjust the PCR testing to show positives, and simply continue to blame a virus that does not exist for all the deaths.

In addition, the new ‘mutations’ or ‘strains’ that were promised by those committing this fraud, are now being claimed to exist. So long as a new strain can be paraded out as real, more ‘vaccinations’ will be offered, each doing more harm than the last, and each able to achieve more control over the people’s minds and bodies, while killing off the undesirables. It is my opinion that each vaccine stage presented has different ingredients that act and react in concert with each other, all causing great harm in multiple ways while building an operating system meant to be used to control the population through technological means. The effects will range from horrible sickness immediately, to the time release of possible other diseases, to immune system destruction, to RNA/DNA nanoparticle invasion of the brain, and to death. It is also likely as I see it, for bioweapon technology to be used to target certain individuals and groups through these injections. Genocide, or more accurately, democide, will take place as long planned by the eugenist masters controlling this scam from the top.

The children are slated to become the next large group to be injected with this weapon, because that will allow the state more control over all future generations once those of us in the way can be eliminated. Large numbers of parents seem to be on board with this heinous assault on the young, and the horrific public school systems will be used to force more to take this ‘vaccine,’ and to continue getting injected every year the rest of their lives by making it mandatory to attend.

Everything happening has long been designed, and is now being implemented in open sight. This fraudulent ‘vaccine’ that is not a vaccine, is of great importance to the ruling class, and is being used as a weapon to control and to kill Americans. Nothing could be more obvious, as taking over all property, the entire economic system, resetting the whole of the monetary structure, and digitizing the world requires control over the people. This bioweapon called the Covid-19 ‘vaccine’ is a major part of this criminal cabal, and will serve as a way to advance and sustain the new Communistic and technocratic state.

Closer and Closer to the End: More Sickness and More Murder by the State

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