Israeli aggression will never destroy the Syrian wall of resistance – Vanessa Beeley

Our children are terrified, the slightest noise makes them afraid now” a resident of Kazu, a sprawling western suburb of the city of Hama, Syria, told me when I visited the scene of the latest Israeli aggression against the Syrian people. 

On the 22nd January at around 4am, Israeli warplanes reportedly flew over Tripoli in Lebanon and launched missiles into central Syria. This attack came two days after the inauguration of Joe Biden as the new US President. The Syrian air defences intercepted the majority of the missiles but the densely populated Kazu suburb took a direct hit with four rockets landing in a narrow residential street. 

The first rocket landed in the street outside a small concrete house that was home for a family of nine refugees from Ma’arat Al-Numan in Idlib who had arrived only four months ago “to escape death” only to be murdered by Israel while they slept. The blast brought the ceiling down on the sleeping family, killing the grandfather, his son, his daughter who had travelled from Tartous and his granddaughter. According to residents a fifth member, a child, who had been terribly injured later died in Hama hospital bringing the death toll to five family members. Four other family members were grievously injured in the blast. 

This area of Hama city suffers sustained electricity outages and lack of essential amenities, thanks to a ten year war and the economic terrorism of the countries waging that war against Syria. The cruelty of this attack which further plunges these people into misery is unimaginable. For Israel, these people are dehumanised, just as they discount the human beings they mow down in Gaza or the occupied territories of Palestine, their lives are of no value to the mass murdering illegal state of Israel. 

In December 2020, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, vowed to deliver a “crushing blow” to “whoever tries to harm us” naming Syria and Iran as their primary targets. Netanyahu rolled out the usual “self-defence” pretext for Israel’s ongoing violation of international law and aggression against a sovereign nation and its allies, namely Iranian military operating inside Syria and fighting the terrorist groups supported by Israel and the US alliance that have been waging the war for ten years against Syria. Israel’s aggression must be seen to be in lock-step with the campaigns of the terrorist groups, including ISIS, to destabilise a country that has been a beacon of resistance in solidarity with the Palestinian cause.

The Syrian foreign ministry wrote to the United Nations director general and to the UN Security Council emphasising Israel’s “flagrant violation of Syria’s sovereignty and international law”. To date, the UN has not condemned the Israeli lawless aggression. The UN’s silence can only be interpreted as tacit endorsement of what is, effectively, US/UK/Israeli-led genocidal policies that target peoples who threaten their neo-colonialist agenda in the region.

Israeli aggression will never destroy the Syrian wall of resistance

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