Covid Vaccines Destroy Health and Risk Death – Stephen Lendman

Americans and Europeans are systematically lied to by their governments on virtually all issues affecting their health, welfare, safety, and fundamental rights.

Instead of governance of, by, and for everyone equitably, Western ones and others are mortal enemies of ordinary people.

Establishment media are part of the problem. 

Serving as press agents for wealth, power, and other privileged interests, they suppress what’s most important for everyone to know.

They’ve reported nothing about what’s covered below, what I and other independent writers stress time and again:

Despite years of research, no safe and effective coronavirus vaccine was ever developed.

NONE, repeat NONE, exist now.

Covid is renamed seasonal flu/influenza that shows up annually in most countries from around October to May.

Claims otherwise are fabricated to perpetuate the ongoing scam against public health, well-being and safety.

Scientists never proved that the so-called SARS-Cov-2 virus that allegedly produces covid illness actually exists.

How can a viral illness be caused by a nonexistent virus? 

PCR tests are worthless. Nearly all positive results are false. 

Face masks are porous to permit breathing. They don’t protect and harm health when used longterm — including the risk of lung cancer.

Lockdowns and quarantines caused  made-in-the-USA economic collapse.

The scheme was planned long before “covid” arrived early last year.

It’s alll about enforcing destructive social control and furthering the greatest ever wealth transfer from most people to privileged ones. 

The rage to mass-vax for covid has earmarks of orchestrated depopulation to eliminate societies’ most vulnerable and shorten the lifespan of others.

Evidence is overwhelming that when used as directed, covid vaccines don’t protect and risk serious harm to health, including widespread numbers of deaths.

Elderly individuals with weakened immune systems are most vulnerable.

Numerous reports revealed that large numbers of nursing home residents in the US and West are dying after being vaxxed for covid.

It’s state-sponsored destruction of human health and murder — a widespread crime against humanity.

Covid Vaccines Destroy Health and Risk Death

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