Media Promoted Fear-Mongering Mass Deception – Stephen Lendman

For the past year, press agent proliferators of mass deception have been spreading managed news misinformation and disinformation about seasonal-flu-renamed covid.

The so-called menacing pandemic has been showing up annually for time immemorial with no accompanying fear-mongering mass deception campaign and other harmful to health and well-being practices that transformed normality in the West into a diabolical new abnormal. 

Fake news and mass deception are standard practice by Big Media. 

They’re mortal enemies of truth and full disclosure on issues mattering most.

Along with pushing Big Lies about  covid, they support unacceptable social control, the greatest ever transfer of wealth scam from ordinary people to privileged ones, and mass-jabbing of toxins that don’t protect and risk serious harm to health that can be fatal.

Endless mind-manipulating propaganda terrorized and perhaps traumatized most Americans and others in the West to believe they’re threatened since last year by what happens annually like clockwork.

The most sustained mass deception campaign in modern memory continues with no end of it in prospect.

In cahoots with Big Government and Big Pharma, Western presstitutes conned most people to accept a false reality that’s inflicting enormous harm on most people so privileged ones can benefit hugely.

If ever rejection of the official falsified narrative and mass resistance against war on public health and well-being was needed it’s now.

Media Promoted Fear-Mongering Mass Deception

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