Can Vitamin C help with this Beer bug?! – Mad Diet

Umpteen countries are now administering vitamin C in hospitals from China and America to Russia. Here’s a piece from Professor Mutlu Demiray, a scientific adviser to the Turkish government. The Turks are using chloroquine, favipiravir (an anti viral drug) and high dose vitamin C in hospitals. Demiray cites a study conducted in beer bug patientsContinue reading “Can Vitamin C help with this Beer bug?! – Mad Diet”

Zinc Deficiency – Mad Diet

Today a third of the global population is deficient in this trace mineral and folk in the UK are no different. Our auld yins are particularly susceptible as zinc absorption diminishes with age. Zinc stops virus’ from replicating inside cells and here is another doctor citing the science in the BMJ. Previous studies demonstrate theContinue reading “Zinc Deficiency – Mad Diet”