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Who here drinks tea?

Confession….I have drank tea for as long as I can remember. At least 20 cups a day. Tea junkie some would say! Any type of tea. I’ve tried them all. My favourite at the minute is Lemon and Ginger with a teaspoon of Honey. The health benefits have been noticed. I’m in no way tryingContinue reading “Who here drinks tea?”

Can Vitamin C help with this Beer bug?! – Mad Diet

Umpteen countries are now administering vitamin C in hospitals from China and America to Russia. Here’s a piece from Professor Mutlu Demiray, a scientific adviser to the Turkish government. The Turks are using chloroquine, favipiravir (an anti viral drug) and high dose vitamin C in hospitals. Demiray cites a study conducted in beer bug patientsContinue reading “Can Vitamin C help with this Beer bug?! – Mad Diet”


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