Revealing of Saudi Plot to Hand over Aden to Al-Qaeda — Piazza della Carina

A media close to the Southern Transitional Council, funded by the UAE, revealed a Saudi plan to hand over the city of Aden, southern Yemen, to individuals of the terrorist organization, Al-Qaeda. Salah Bin Laghbar Wednesday said on Twitter, that the Muslims Brotherhood and al-Qaeda forces will be admitted to Aden, in civilian clothes, under […]Continue reading “Revealing of Saudi Plot to Hand over Aden to Al-Qaeda — Piazza della Carina”

Will Erdogan declare war against Syria? — Mato’s Blog

If the USA, NATO allies, Turkey, the Gulf monarchies, and Israel would not have supported the Islamic insurgents, including radicals and terrorists like al-Qaeda and Islamic State, there would not be war in the first place. What the spin doctors demand is, that Syria accepts a terrorist safe haven on its soil. No nation wouldContinue reading “Will Erdogan declare war against Syria? — Mato’s Blog”

The Allies and Missiles Make Iran Invulnerable to the US Threats – AHT

Democracy has never been the real issue: western-provoked wars can be understood as motivated by self-interest and the quest for dominance. But attempts to overthrow regimes are always publicly justified by the West in the name of freedom and democracy.

The Axis of Resistance Holds Firm as Washington Faces Retreat – Global Research

Washington is losing in Syria and knows it is losing but, as a senior Syrian General told me late last year, they want to prolong the game and make the Syrian people suffer. They want the world to see the price of resistance. Yet they are retreating, as they maintain bold words.

Putin vs. Erdogan: Who’s Going to Blink First? – Global Research

An explosive situation is developing in Idlib province where the Syrian army is conducting a major offensive that has triggered a harsh response from Turkey. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is threatening to attack Syrian forces anywhere in the country if the Syrian government does not stop all military operations in the so-called Idlib “de-escalation zone.” AsideContinue reading “Putin vs. Erdogan: Who’s Going to Blink First? – Global Research”

Erdogan Killed 2 More Turkish Army Soldiers to Defend al-Qaeda in Idlib – Syria News

Erdogan asked Pompeo to supply him with Patriot missiles to defend his forces from Russian and Syrian Air forces, the S400 air defense missile systems he bought from Russia do not work against Russian fighter jets and its allied forces, he is just discovering.

Russian warplanes repel attack on Syrian army in Idlib as militants launch offensive aided by Turkish artillery — Moscow – RT World News

The Russian Defense Ministry says its Air Force launched strikes to repel a militant offensive against the Syrian Army in Idlib, which had sought to breach the government forces’ defensive lines with Turkey’s backing.

UN NATO Klan in Rage State over Dr. Assad, SAA, Liberating Every Inch – Syria News

This day’s meeting was likely prodded by the short declaration issued by Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on 18 February, as each member of the NATO klan took turns repeating his demand that Syria cease ridding itself of the human garbage dumped into it from more than one hundred GA members — garbage of the criminally insaneContinue reading “UN NATO Klan in Rage State over Dr. Assad, SAA, Liberating Every Inch – Syria News”

Yemen: US-Saudi Aggression Gathers Hundreds of Al-Qaeda to Marib — Piazza della Carina

The US-Saudi aggression forces brought in dozens of Al-Qaeda operatives from the governorates of Abyan, Hadramawt and Al-Baidha to the city of Marib. A source stated to Almasirah TV that more than 150 individuals of Al-Qaeda from Hadhramawt to Marib arrived in Marib. US-Saudi aggression uses Takfiris in its aggression against the Yemeni People. Media […]Continue reading “Yemen: US-Saudi Aggression Gathers Hundreds of Al-Qaeda to Marib — Piazza della Carina”

Video: Towards The Liberation of Idlib City – Global Research

Syrian government forces did not stop their operation in Greater Idlib with the success in the western countryside of Aleppo city, and continued making gains in the province. During the past 24 hours, they took control of over 10 settlements.