Europe Helps US Destroy Libya, Now Blames/Sanctions Russia – New Eastern Outlook

The EU has leveled sanctions against Russia for – among other things – “meddling” in Libya’s ongoing civil war. AFP in its article, “EU sanctions senior Putin aides over Navalny, Libya,” would claim: The EU said Wagner had committed “multiple and repeated breaches” of a UN arms embargo on Libya, where Russia has backed warlordContinue reading “Europe Helps US Destroy Libya, Now Blames/Sanctions Russia – New Eastern Outlook”

Video: The David Ellis Report – EU Boobytrap – UK Column

David Ellis speaks to defence policy analyst and Brexit campaigner David Banks on the “EU Boobytrap” which will see the UK still tied to the EU following Brexit on the issue of defence procurement and operational cooperation. The David Ellis Report: EU Boobytrap

Brexit: A Deal Not Done – UK Column

What is clear, then, is that contrary to Boris Johnson’s claims, Brexit is not done. In fact, as Boris himself has said, “this is not an end, but a beginning”..The question on everyone’s lips should be, “a beginning of what?”