BOILER ROOM : The Tenor of Chaos – Where Does Mind Control Begin and End? – ACR

Alternate Current Radio Presents: BOILER ROOM – Uninterruptible Talk Radio, hosted by HESHER and SPORE – Custom made for barfly philosophers, media maniacs & otherwise lovable political animals. On this edition Hesher & Spore are joined by Mark Anderson (The Truth Hound) and The Odd Man Out (IG) to break down the newly released admission from a woman who served on the Whitey Bulger jury who is now sayingContinue reading “BOILER ROOM : The Tenor of Chaos – Where Does Mind Control Begin and End? – ACR”

Will Erdogan declare war against Syria? — Mato’s Blog

If the USA, NATO allies, Turkey, the Gulf monarchies, and Israel would not have supported the Islamic insurgents, including radicals and terrorists like al-Qaeda and Islamic State, there would not be war in the first place. What the spin doctors demand is, that Syria accepts a terrorist safe haven on its soil. No nation wouldContinue reading “Will Erdogan declare war against Syria? — Mato’s Blog”

The Allies and Missiles Make Iran Invulnerable to the US Threats – AHT

Democracy has never been the real issue: western-provoked wars can be understood as motivated by self-interest and the quest for dominance. But attempts to overthrow regimes are always publicly justified by the West in the name of freedom and democracy.

As Syria’s Liberating Campaign Advances, Anti-Syria Propaganda Intensifies – Stephen Lendman

In covering US wars of aggression against nations threatening no one, establishment media get their talking points from Pentagon and CIA contacts — serving the imperial state against its enemies.

Big Lies Drown Out Hard Truths on Syria’s Liberating Struggle – Stephen Lendman

US-led Western media lie, deceive and otherwise misinform and disinform news consumers who follow their propaganda rubbish. Hard truths on Syria and other US wars of aggression against nonbelligerent states are consistently suppressed. Victimized nations are blamed for high crimes of war and against humanity committed against them.

Russia and Turkey Remain at Impasse Over Syria – Stephen Lendman

Since September 2015, Russia has been combatting ISIS, al-Nusra, and other terrorists in Syria — elements supported by the US, NATO, Turkey, Israel and the Saudis.

SUNDAY WIRE: ‘Trump, Duterte and China’ with guests Andre Vltchek and Basil Valentine – 21st Century Wire

This week the SUNDAY WIRE broadcasts LIVE on ACR with host Patrick Henningsen covering the top stories in the US, Europe and internationally. We’ll discuss some pretty shocking take-aways from the Munich Security Conference, especially regarding Huawei and China. Also, Boris cancels visit to see Trump at the White House, apparently over CIA wife’s hit-and-run extradition controversy – which couldContinue reading “SUNDAY WIRE: ‘Trump, Duterte and China’ with guests Andre Vltchek and Basil Valentine – 21st Century Wire”

Media War on Sovereign Syria – Stephen Lendman

When the US preemptively attacks nations threatening no one, establishment media reports read like Pentagon and CIA press releases. State-approved pro-imperial propaganda alone is featured, truth-telling banned, the public willfully lied to — in service to powerful interests against peace and stability.

The Koch-Soros Quincy Project: A Train Wreck of Neocon and 'Humanitarian' Interventionists – AHT

Those hoping the non-interventionist cause would be given some real muscle if a couple of oligarchs who’ve made fortunes from global interventionism team up and pump millions into Washington think tanks will be sorely disappointed by the train wreck that is the Koch/Soros alliance.

Anti-Syria Propaganda Rages As Its Liberating Struggle Advances – Stephen Lendman

Massacring civilians is a US/NATO/Israeli specialty, the same true for jihadists they support — polar opposite how Russian and government forces operate in Syria…Syria and Russia are performing heroically to provide humanitarian aid to Syrians in need, along with aiding the displaced return to their home areas — what the Times and other major mediaContinue reading “Anti-Syria Propaganda Rages As Its Liberating Struggle Advances – Stephen Lendman”