TCTT – Issue 56

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The ‘Israeli’-Emirati Alliance: Geopolitical Impact on Africa – Global Research

The African Angle To explain, “Israel” already has considerable influence in East Africa, especially in Ethiopia, South Sudan, Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda. It naturally follows that it would like to expand its reach to the littoral region along the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden in order to entrench its influence in this larger space, hence the needContinue reading “The ‘Israeli’-Emirati Alliance: Geopolitical Impact on Africa – Global Research”

Twilight in the Desert for Saudi and MBS? – New Eastern Outlook

Now that her allied neighbors, the UAE and Bahrain, have formally agreed to recognize Israel, MBS is under significant pressure to join the US-brokered initiative. All indications are that world oil demand, especially in the industrial countries of the EU and North America will decline as pressure for a green agenda politically grows. That hasContinue reading “Twilight in the Desert for Saudi and MBS? – New Eastern Outlook”