This Week in the Guardian #7 – OffGuardian

In China, apparently, Xi Jinping is trying to make sure Uyghur Muslims get infected with the coronavirus. In Syria, Bashar al Assad is supposedly doing the same thing to rebels in Idlib. Both these “tyrants” are, apparently, trying to effect genocide using a virus that, everyone admits, kills less than 1% of the population. TheContinue reading “This Week in the Guardian #7 – OffGuardian”

Joe Biden Suffers Massive Stroke! – Dissident Voice

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden suffered a massive brain hemorrhage today as he practiced reciting the days of the week for upcoming debates with President Trump. Campaign staff members say it will not affect his work, and insist he has no plans to withdraw from the presidential contest, unless “something serious happens.” “We’ve been throughContinue reading “Joe Biden Suffers Massive Stroke! – Dissident Voice”

Sperm19 and Egg18: Squashing the Virus of Death – OffGuardian

Scientists..have discovered a new & highly dangerous & contagious source of death. It is called life. Families who sterilized in bulk..were given Greta awards – a condom made of gold, with the words, “how dare you” written on it. The virus of death had eventually been squashed.