Satanyahu Regime Desecrates Body of Murdered Palestinian – Stephen Lendman

What happened over the weekend is commonplace Israeli brutality against defenseless Palestinians throughout the Territories — the world community largely turning a blind eye to its high crimes.

The Russian US Election Meddling Hoax – Stephen Lendman

Nothing exists that suggests Russia interferes in US or other foreign elections anywhere..On the one hand, establishment media report fake news about Russia. In contrast, they systematically conceal US high crimes against other nations, reporting nothing.

Erdogan Wants to Create an Islamic State in Northern Syria – AHT

Erdogan has a plan for Syria, and he has the support of President Trump and the EU.  Erdogan wants to create an Islamic State in Northern Syria and wants to occupy Idlib as the western corner of a very long strip of borderland along the Syrian-Turkish border, which would end at the Iraqi border withContinue reading “Erdogan Wants to Create an Islamic State in Northern Syria – AHT”

New Israeli Bombing over Damascus to Cover Up the IDF’s Heinous Crime in Gaza – Syria News

A Syrian military source stated the above shortly after the latest aggression by Israel against Syria. Israel is taking advantage of the Syrian Arab Army direct confrontation with NATO’s second and third largest armies, Turkey and NATO terrorists respectively, mainly in Idlib and in a number of open fronts in northeastern Syria.

NATO’s Crisis Group Pimp to Humanize World’s Top al Qaeda Terrorist – Syria News

Crisis Group independent NGO think tank whose policy-making is strangely aligned with NATO’s published a new anti-Syria propaganda piece — because there are not enough — on 20 February. In remarkable chutzpah — even by arrogant western standards

Operation Barbarossa II: Some Further Thoughts – NEO

There is now strong evidence that the ISIS leader al Baghdadi is in fact an Israeli citizen. If true, it would help explain why ISIS, for all its professed Islamic ideals, has never in fact attacked or even threatened the State of Israel.

UN Part of Propaganda War Against Syria’s Liberating Struggle – Stephen Lendman

Like most of his predecessors, UN secretary general Guterres was installed by Washington to serve its interests. Time and again, his actions show fealty to a higher power, breaching UN Charter principles, disgracing the office he holds.

Russia Rejects Presence of Terrorists in Syria’s Idlib Province – Stephen Lendman

A Syrian Foreign Ministry statement said the failed US imperial project in Syria is “motivation” for its military and civilian population “to continue confronting terrorists and their supporters until every inch of Syrian soil is free of terrorism and illegitimate foreign presence.”

Russian Foreign Ministry on Syria, Venezuela and Ukraine – Stephen Lendman

Russia supports the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, free from foreign occupation and infestation by US/NATO/Turkish/Israel/Saudi supported terrorists.

At least 16 Turkish soldiers killed in fighting in Libya: Haftar forces – Press TV

On Friday, Erdogan confirmed for the first time the presence of pro-Turkish Syrian militants in Libya. “Turkey is there with a training force. There are also people from the Syrian National Army,” he told reporters in Istanbul, referring to a group of anti-Damascus militants previously known as the so-called Free Syrian Army.