TCTT – Issue 61

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Western Propaganda Over Skripal and Navalny Show Remarkable Similarities – New Eastern Outlook

The British government and British media were quick to blame Russia for what allegedly happened to the Skripals. The complete absence of any evidence to support this claim was apparently not a barrier. Neither has the growth in continuing violations of international law been deemed a suitable topic of discussion in the British mainstream media.Continue reading “Western Propaganda Over Skripal and Navalny Show Remarkable Similarities – New Eastern Outlook”

This Week in the Guardian #15 – OffGuardian

Every now and then (it used to be weekly, but then a pandemic happened) we like to highlight three or four stories that go full-Guardian, but don’t require an entire article of refutation. … BREAKING INTERNATIONAL LAW IS BAD…SOMETIMES … Of all the hollow condemnations of Boris’s blow to Britains “international reputation”, The Guardian’s probably rangContinue reading “This Week in the Guardian #15 – OffGuardian”

NavalnyGate: Key Facts, Dates, Versions – Sven Haas

The high-profile case of Alexey Navalny’s (TCTT editor note: alleged) poisoning, apparently, will not subside soon. This incident faced a stormy international reaction and served as an excellent opportunity to punish Russia. In order to exclude any possible manipulations with facts, we recreated the timeline, which helped to identify discrepancies and designate possible versions ofContinue reading “NavalnyGate: Key Facts, Dates, Versions – Sven Haas”