Explaining Syria – Unz Review

Ambassador James Jeffrey maintains that “Russia needs to change its policies.” That is not correct. It is the United States that must change its policies by getting out of Syria and Iraq for starters while also stopping the deference to feckless “allies” Israel and Saudi Arabia that has produced a debilitating cold war against bothContinue reading “Explaining Syria – Unz Review”

Trump Regime Names Zionist Zealots to Administer Illegal Annexation Scheme – Stephen Lendman

With Zionist zealots infesting Washington, especially in the Trump regime, and no one representing Palestinians on the world stage, their land is being systematically stolen dunum by dunum. Their rights were lost over a century ago to early-stage Zionist tyranny, courtesy of Britain’s Arthur Balfour. https://stephenlendman.org/2020/02/trump-regime-names-zionist-zealots-to-administer-illegal-annexation-scheme/

Israel Confident ‘Friendly States’ Will Block ICC Investigation – The Palestine Chronicle

“It is clear that justice for Palestinians in the face of Israeli aggression, itself fueled by unconditional American support, is not at all possible if it is not accompanied by regional and international unity,” wrote Palestinian journalist and editor of The Palestine Chronicle Ramzy Baroud. http://www.palestinechronicle.com/israel-confident-friendly-states-will-block-icc-investigation/

Satanyahu: Israeli Airliners now Overflying Sudan – The Palestine Chronicle

“The continent’s rapprochement with Israel is unfortunate, because, for decades, Africa has stood as a vanguard against all racist ideologies, including Zionism – the ideology behind Israel’s establishment on the ruins of Palestine,” wrote Palestinian journalist and editor of The Palestine Chronicle Ramzy Baroud. http://www.palestinechronicle.com/netanyahu-israeli-airliners-now-overflying-sudan/

Merkel’s Defense of Israel’s War Crimes Undermines ICC & Rule of Law – The Palestine Chronicle

Israel hopes that by twisting the facts & shifting the ICC’s goalposts, it will emerge unscathed. Its hopes are pinned on Chancellor Merkel as the leading European leader to divert The Hague from its task by engaging it on frivolous legal semantics such as “jurisdiction” and disputing Palestine’s ratification of the Rome Statute. http://www.palestinechronicle.com/merkels-defense-of-israels-war-crimes-undermines-icc-rule-of-law/

American Citizens Killed and Tortured by Israel? – AHT

One of the principal functions of a United States Embassy overseas is to provide citizen services, which includes coming to the assistance of Americans who are treated badly by the local government. It is a responsibility that most embassies take seriously, with the exception of the facility currently located in Jerusalem..In Jerusalem the Embassy existsContinue reading “American Citizens Killed and Tortured by Israel? – AHT”

Netanyahu Admits Meddling In US Politics, Israel Attacks Syria & More On Coronavirus As A Bioweapon — The Last American Vagabond

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (2/14/19). 54 more words Netanyahu Admits Meddling In US Politics, Israel Attacks Syria & More On Coronavirus As A Bioweapon — The Last American Vagabond

Israel Bombs Syria for Moral Support to al Qaeda, Erdogan – Syria News

These bombs were launched from Syria’s Golan, occupied by Israel, NATO’s favorite dog in the Levant. Israel chose the 38th anniversary of the National Open Strike to engage in another round of war crimes against the Syrian Arab Republic. https://www.syrianews.cc/israel-bombs-syria-for-moral-support-to-al-qaeda-erdogan/

US/Israel In Cahoots Against Palestinians and Regional Peace – Stephen Lendman

Masquerading as democratic, fascist regimes run both countries.  Hostile to peace, equity, justice and the rule of law, they’re unchallenged by the world community and UN secretary general — accomplices through inaction. https://stephenlendman.org/2020/02/us-israel-in-cahoots-against-palestinians-and-regional-peace/