The Russian US Election Meddling Hoax – Stephen Lendman

Nothing exists that suggests Russia interferes in US or other foreign elections anywhere..On the one hand, establishment media report fake news about Russia. In contrast, they systematically conceal US high crimes against other nations, reporting nothing.

Erdogan Wants to Create an Islamic State in Northern Syria – AHT

Erdogan has a plan for Syria, and he has the support of President Trump and the EU.  Erdogan wants to create an Islamic State in Northern Syria and wants to occupy Idlib as the western corner of a very long strip of borderland along the Syrian-Turkish border, which would end at the Iraqi border withContinue reading “Erdogan Wants to Create an Islamic State in Northern Syria – AHT”

Trump Goes after the Brits… – Global Research

The inept course of what passes for United States Foreign Policy continues, with the Trump Administration now going after the nation’s second oldest friend, Great Britain. With Trump having serially insulted America’s oldest ally France last year, it should only have been expected that the Brits would be next on the list, joining the otherContinue reading “Trump Goes after the Brits… – Global Research”

The Lima Group Is More than Just About Venezuela. Scheduling More Coups and Color Revolutions in Latin America? – Global Research

In spite of the immensity and criminality of the pain, suffering and death that Trump, Trudeau and the other corrupt Lima Group troubadours have inflicted on the Venezuelans, the people stand tall and resist; their social, political and economic system, although weakened and under constant attack, endures.

Russia Rejects Presence of Terrorists in Syria’s Idlib Province – Stephen Lendman

A Syrian Foreign Ministry statement said the failed US imperial project in Syria is “motivation” for its military and civilian population “to continue confronting terrorists and their supporters until every inch of Syrian soil is free of terrorism and illegitimate foreign presence.”

US Forever War in Afghanistan Near Ending? – Stephen Lendman

The Pentagon saying it’ll continue operations against ISIS and al-Qaeda in Afghanistan is a ruse — the US supporting these jihadists, not combatting them. They’re in Afghanistan because the Pentagon and CIA deployed them there, the same true wherever they show up.

“The Donald Trump I know”: Abbas’ UN Speech and the Breakdown of Palestinian Politics – Dissident Voice

It has to be said that the real danger in the ‘Deal of the Century’ is not the actual stipulations of that sinister plan, but the fact that the Palestinian leadership is likely to find a way to co-exist with it, at the expense of the oppressed Palestinian people, as long as donors’ money continuesContinue reading ““The Donald Trump I know”: Abbas’ UN Speech and the Breakdown of Palestinian Politics – Dissident Voice”

Russia v. the West, Turkey, and Israel on Syria – Stephen Lendman

Iran has political, economic and military ties to Syria, the latter by military advisors, aiding government forces combat the scourge of US/NATO/Turkish/Israeli/Saudi-supported terrorism.  In full compliance with UN Charter principles and other international law, Iran supports Syrian’s liberating struggle against foreign supported jihadists.

Turkey’s Erdogan Again Threatens Escalated Aggression in Syria Supported by Trump – Stephen Lendman

Turkey’s territory is a launching pad and safe haven for US-created and supported jihadists waging war on Syria and its people. Weapons, munitions and other material support pass freely cross-border to anti-government jihadists in Syria, their wounded treated in Turkish hospitals.

Roger Stone’s conviction is the last hope to save RussiaGate – RT Op-ed – Patrick Henningsen

it’s akin to convicting someone for trying to cover-up the existence of Sasquatch. When you cut through all of the political rhetoric & media noise, it becomes clear that obsession to bring Stone down was for one primary reason: to buttress the official RussiaGate fiction