Video: COVID19: What is Really Going on?

The Swiss Propaganda Research website has been so good as to compile data and testimonies from leading doctors, scientists and law professors from around the world on Covid19. This video contains some of their findings. Here is the link which contains many important links to studies and data from the experts. Please examine and share.Continue reading “Video: COVID19: What is Really Going on?”

Standing on the Precipice of Martial Law – OffGuardian

Time is running out for America and only bold, decisive action taken courageously and swiftly can change the course of self-annihilation upon which the republic now finds itself.

Coronavirus Fact-Check #2: “The Emergency Powers Will Only Last 2 years!” – OffGuardian

So, to sum up, no these emergency measures won’t “expire in two years”. Some of them might expire in 2 years (unless a minister decides they shouldn’t) and others will last forever.

End the Shutdown; It’s Time for Resurrection! – Global Research

What is most dangerous is that although this virus will eventually disappear, the assault on our civil liberties is not likely to be reversed.

Bureaucrat: Stay Home and Starve – Global Research

I am reminded of President George H.W. Bush confronting a grocery store scanner on display at the National Grocers Association convention in D.C. in 1992. Bush probably hadn’t seen the inside a grocery store in decades and this new technology struck him as remarkable. He was bedazzled by that red scanner light, part of a mundane realityContinue reading “Bureaucrat: Stay Home and Starve – Global Research”

Coronavirus Shock Doctrine. Hidden Agendas? Interview with author Mark Taliano – Mark Taliano

Mark Taliano combines years of research with on-the-ground observations to present an informed and well-documented analysis that refutes the mainstream media narratives

WATCH: Perspectives on the Pandemic #2 – OffGuardian

Journeyman Pictures sits down with Prof Knut Wittkowski to discuss lockdowns, social-distancing and the best way to handle the spread of a new disease.

“Think deep, do good science and do not panic!” – OffGuardian

 Panic seems to be no appropriate, even no feasible way to integrate our interaction with viruses, it would guarantee us a future filled with fear for the next pandemic and repeated panic states and destabilizations of the worldwide human environment. A bleak future, indeed not desirable at all. Avoidable though if we apply this: toContinue reading ““Think deep, do good science and do not panic!” – OffGuardian”

COVID-19 Coronavirus “Fake” Pandemic: Timeline and Analysis – Global Research

We  are dealing with a complex global crisis with far-reaching economic, social and geopolitical implications. We have provided factual information as well as analysis in a summarized “common sense” format. Is is important that COVID-19 be the object of  widespread debate and that the “official interpretations” be forcefully challenged.

After the Lockdown: A Global Coronavirus Vaccination Program… – Global Research

Can we trust the World Health Organization & the powerful economic interest groups behind it..Can we trust the main actors behind the multibillion dollar global vaccination project..Can we trust the Western media..This is an act of “economic warfare” against humanity.

COVID-19: A Pretext for World Government and Totalitarianism – Global Research

The COVID-19 aggrandizement and propaganda campaign is not simply a public relations scheme for Big Pharma and its highly dubious—and often deadly—vaccines. It also serves as a cover for authoritarian measures the ruling elite have schemed to put in place for decades, measures designed to monitor and control everything you do…A virus has accomplished what theContinue reading “COVID-19: A Pretext for World Government and Totalitarianism – Global Research”

Turkish Madman Erdogan Reinforces TSK and Al-Qaeda in Idlib Despite Covid-19 – Syria News

When it comes to crimes, especially war crimes, and furthermore, the lowest levels of them we are un-blessed in our current times with the likes of Turkish Erdogan, US’s Trump, and Israeli Netanyahu, at least the latter two are commanders in pushing for the anti-Judaic, anti-Christian, and anti-Islamic coming of the Anti-Christ, while the firstContinue reading “Turkish Madman Erdogan Reinforces TSK and Al-Qaeda in Idlib Despite Covid-19 – Syria News”


John Titus of Best Evidence joins us to discuss Season 2 of his “Mafiacracy Now” video series, an exploration of the crimes of the banksters and their multi-trillion dollar heist that is being perpetrated during the current crisis. Today we talk about the Fed’s lies about the coronavirus and what horrifying truths about the collapsingContinue reading “Video: THE FEDERAL RESERVE IS LYING ABOUT CORONAVIRUS – JOHN TITUS ON THE CORBETT REPORT”

Corona Pandemic: The Perfect Scapegoat for the Financial and ‘Everything Bubble’ Market Crash: The Great Depression 2.0 – Global Research

As the financial collapse is inevitable as the Federal Reserve can’t keep printing money and creates more bubbles that at some point definitely will pop, the Covid-19 pandemic provides the global elites with the perfect scapegoat where it will be blamed (and it already started) for all the economic and financial crisis, for the massifContinue reading “Corona Pandemic: The Perfect Scapegoat for the Financial and ‘Everything Bubble’ Market Crash: The Great Depression 2.0 – Global Research”

A Palestinian Guide to Surviving a Quarantine: On Faith, Humor and ‘Dutch Candy’ – The Palestine Chronicle

I hope that under no circumstances you will ever hear these ominous words: “You are now under curfew. Anyone who violates orders will be shot immediately.”…& when it’s all over, think of Palestine, for her people have been ‘quarantined’ for 71 years & counting.

Corona – The Aftermath – New Eastern Outlook

What the world is experiencing, resembles a well-planned worldwide declaration & implementation of Martial Law with socioeconomically disastrous consequences, far worse than the disease itself..This begs the question, what is behind it, & what comes next?…We might as well call the corona virus, Virus “F” – for Fear. And yes, people can die of fear.Continue reading “Corona – The Aftermath – New Eastern Outlook”