Telling the Untold: Remembering Andre Vltchek (1963-2020) – 21st Century Wire

On September 22, 2020, author, investigative journalist, filmmaker, playwright, philosopher, and a revolutionary, Andre Vltchek, died at the age 57. He passed away in his sleep following a long car journey with his wife Rossie from Samsun to Istanbul. While some initial reports suggested that the Turkish authorities might be investigating ‘suspicious circumstances,’ it was later stated by aContinue reading “Telling the Untold: Remembering Andre Vltchek (1963-2020) – 21st Century Wire”

SUNDAY WIRE: ‘Reflections and Warnings’ with host Patrick Henningsen and guests – 21st Century Wire

This week the SUNDAY WIRE broadcasts LIVE on ACR with host Patrick Henningsen covering the top stories in the US, Europe and internationally. It’s been a tough week on many levels – after touching on some of the stories this week in US, UK and internationally, we’ll discuss about the recent passing of two towering figures inContinue reading “SUNDAY WIRE: ‘Reflections and Warnings’ with host Patrick Henningsen and guests – 21st Century Wire”

The Death of Andre Vltchek, a Passionate Warrior for Truth – Edward Curtin

For decades, Andre Vltchek, an old-school journalist and artist (but a young man) who traveled the world in search of truth and who always stood up straight, tried to revolve the world and encourage people to revolt against injustice. In this age of arm-chair reporters, he stood out for his boldness and indefatigable courage. HeContinue reading “The Death of Andre Vltchek, a Passionate Warrior for Truth – Edward Curtin”

In Memoriam – Andre Vltchek – OffGuardian

OffG is shocked to hear that Andre Vltchek, a long-time contributing author and friend of the site, died yesterday in Istanbul. He died suddenly whilst travelling in Turkey with his wife. Turkish officials are treating the death as “suspicious”, but as yet no details have been released. He was 57 years old. Whatever the circumstances surroundingContinue reading “In Memoriam – Andre Vltchek – OffGuardian”

André Vltchek – Remembered – Global Research

André, my good friend and comrade is no more. We worked on several investigative projects together. André’s professional rigor, sharpness of understanding, vision and ability to connecting the dots is exemplary. We shared some unforgettable moments, when we followed a refugee trail from Bodrum, Turkey, to the Greek Island of Kos in the Aegean SeaContinue reading “André Vltchek – Remembered – Global Research”