Idlib Propaganda Falls Apart, Iraq Regime Change 2.0 & Houthis Attack Saudis With Pompeo Present — The Last American Vagabond

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (2/21/19). As always, take the information discussed in the video below and research it for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. Anyone telling you what the truth… IdlibContinue reading “Idlib Propaganda Falls Apart, Iraq Regime Change 2.0 & Houthis Attack Saudis With Pompeo Present — The Last American Vagabond”

Will Erdogan declare war against Syria? — Mato’s Blog

If the USA, NATO allies, Turkey, the Gulf monarchies, and Israel would not have supported the Islamic insurgents, including radicals and terrorists like al-Qaeda and Islamic State, there would not be war in the first place. What the spin doctors demand is, that Syria accepts a terrorist safe haven on its soil. No nation wouldContinue reading “Will Erdogan declare war against Syria? — Mato’s Blog”

Putin vs. Erdogan: Who’s Going to Blink First? – Global Research

An explosive situation is developing in Idlib province where the Syrian army is conducting a major offensive that has triggered a harsh response from Turkey. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is threatening to attack Syrian forces anywhere in the country if the Syrian government does not stop all military operations in the so-called Idlib “de-escalation zone.” AsideContinue reading “Putin vs. Erdogan: Who’s Going to Blink First? – Global Research”

Erdogan Killed 2 More Turkish Army Soldiers to Defend al-Qaeda in Idlib – Syria News

Erdogan asked Pompeo to supply him with Patriot missiles to defend his forces from Russian and Syrian Air forces, the S400 air defense missile systems he bought from Russia do not work against Russian fighter jets and its allied forces, he is just discovering.

Russia v. the West, Turkey, and Israel on Syria – Stephen Lendman

Iran has political, economic and military ties to Syria, the latter by military advisors, aiding government forces combat the scourge of US/NATO/Turkish/Israeli/Saudi-supported terrorism.  In full compliance with UN Charter principles and other international law, Iran supports Syrian’s liberating struggle against foreign supported jihadists.

Turkey’s Erdogan Again Threatens Escalated Aggression in Syria Supported by Trump – Stephen Lendman

Turkey’s territory is a launching pad and safe haven for US-created and supported jihadists waging war on Syria and its people. Weapons, munitions and other material support pass freely cross-border to anti-government jihadists in Syria, their wounded treated in Turkish hospitals.

Israeli Forces (Terrorist Occupiers) Confiscate Container Classroom near Hebron, Expel Students (VIDEO) – The Palestine Chronicle

“It is a war,” Baroud added, “that cannot be discussed or understood outside the larger war on Palestinian identity, freedom, and, in fact, the very existence of the Palestinian people.”

Syrian army killed over 250 terrorists in Idleb – The Syria Times

The Turkish-backed terrorist groups started their attack on the axis of al-Nayrab town in Idleb countryside today afternoon.  According to the Syrian Alikhbaria TV channel, the major attack was launched in parallel with the promotion of fake news by terrorists to raise their spirits.  The army units killed over 250 terrorists during the confrontation with terrorist groups.Continue reading “Syrian army killed over 250 terrorists in Idleb – The Syria Times”

Syrian army finds a field hospital for terrorists inside a school in Aleppo – The Syria Times

The field hospital contained medical devices and equipment, some of them were made in Saudi Arabia and Qatar, plus TOW missiles and rocket launchers . It was uncovered during combing operations in the neighborhoods and houses in Hayyan town which was recently liberated from terrorism by the Syrian army.