Studies Confirm Coronavirus Is Weaponized, Israel Bombs Gaza/Syria Again & Assange’s Kangaroo Court – The Last American Vagabond

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Satanyahu Regime Desecrates Body of Murdered Palestinian – Stephen Lendman

What happened over the weekend is commonplace Israeli brutality against defenseless Palestinians throughout the Territories — the world community largely turning a blind eye to its high crimes.

Israeli Forces (Terrorists) Arrest (Kidnap) 36 Palestinians, Including Three Minors, in Jerusalem, West Bank – The Palestine Chronicle

Israeli forces today detained 36 Palestinians, including three minors and a woman, in multiple raids across occupied Jerusalem and the West Bank, said the Palestine Prisoner Society (PPS).

Hizbollah, Palestinian factions condemn Israeli Aggression on Damascus – The Syria Times

 In a statement on Monday, the alliance said that the aggression confirms the criminal nature of the Zionist entity in the light of the growing capabilities of the axis of resistance which has foiled the American-Zionist scheme in Syria, particularly after the Syrian army’s victory over terrorism in Aleppo and its progress in Idleb.

New Israeli Bombing over Damascus to Cover Up the IDF’s Heinous Crime in Gaza – Syria News

A Syrian military source stated the above shortly after the latest aggression by Israel against Syria. Israel is taking advantage of the Syrian Arab Army direct confrontation with NATO’s second and third largest armies, Turkey and NATO terrorists respectively, mainly in Idlib and in a number of open fronts in northeastern Syria.

Israeli Forces Kill Palestinian, Drag His Body with a Bulldozer in Gaza (VIDEO) – The Palestine Chronicle

video, that is sparking outrage on social media, shows a bulldozer approaching the body as two unarmed men were trying to collect it. The two young men run away when the sound of gunfire is heard, and the Israeli military bulldozer confiscates the body.

My Struggle – Gilad Atzmon

Both Zionists and ‘anti’ have deployed every trick in their Hasbara book to try and silence me. I was called a racist, an anti-Semite and a Nazi despite the fact that my entire work is anti racist and in defiance of the Jewish racial argument…What we face as western subjects is a massive battle betweenContinue reading “My Struggle – Gilad Atzmon”

Russia v. the West, Turkey, and Israel on Syria – Stephen Lendman

Iran has political, economic and military ties to Syria, the latter by military advisors, aiding government forces combat the scourge of US/NATO/Turkish/Israeli/Saudi-supported terrorism.  In full compliance with UN Charter principles and other international law, Iran supports Syrian’s liberating struggle against foreign supported jihadists.

Satanyahu Announces Thousands of New Homes for Illegal Settlers in West Bank, East Jerusalem – The Palestine Chronicle

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced on Thursday, during an election campaign tour in illegal Jewish settlements in the West Bank, the construction of thousands of new settler homes at the outskirt of occupied East Jerusalem.

Bereaved Mother of Palestinian Prisoner Denied Visit to her Other Son in Israeli Prison – The Palestine Chronicle

Her other son, Sami, died from cancer last November in an Israeli jail due to medical negligence. From the prison, his last message was: “I want to be in my last days and hours beside my mother and my loved ones, and I want to die in her arms.” Around 5,700 Palestinians, including numerous womenContinue reading “Bereaved Mother of Palestinian Prisoner Denied Visit to her Other Son in Israeli Prison – The Palestine Chronicle”