Israeli Forces Kill Palestinian, Drag His Body with a Bulldozer in Gaza (VIDEO) – The Palestine Chronicle

video, that is sparking outrage on social media, shows a bulldozer approaching the body as two unarmed men were trying to collect it. The two young men run away when the sound of gunfire is heard, and the Israeli military bulldozer confiscates the body.

My Struggle – Gilad Atzmon

Both Zionists and ‘anti’ have deployed every trick in their Hasbara book to try and silence me. I was called a racist, an anti-Semite and a Nazi despite the fact that my entire work is anti racist and in defiance of the Jewish racial argument…What we face as western subjects is a massive battle betweenContinue reading “My Struggle – Gilad Atzmon”

Russia v. the West, Turkey, and Israel on Syria – Stephen Lendman

Iran has political, economic and military ties to Syria, the latter by military advisors, aiding government forces combat the scourge of US/NATO/Turkish/Israeli/Saudi-supported terrorism.  In full compliance with UN Charter principles and other international law, Iran supports Syrian’s liberating struggle against foreign supported jihadists.

Satanyahu Announces Thousands of New Homes for Illegal Settlers in West Bank, East Jerusalem – The Palestine Chronicle

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced on Thursday, during an election campaign tour in illegal Jewish settlements in the West Bank, the construction of thousands of new settler homes at the outskirt of occupied East Jerusalem.

Bereaved Mother of Palestinian Prisoner Denied Visit to her Other Son in Israeli Prison – The Palestine Chronicle

Her other son, Sami, died from cancer last November in an Israeli jail due to medical negligence. From the prison, his last message was: “I want to be in my last days and hours beside my mother and my loved ones, and I want to die in her arms.” Around 5,700 Palestinians, including numerous womenContinue reading “Bereaved Mother of Palestinian Prisoner Denied Visit to her Other Son in Israeli Prison – The Palestine Chronicle”

Israeli Forces (Terrorist Occupiers) Confiscate Container Classroom near Hebron, Expel Students (VIDEO) – The Palestine Chronicle

“It is a war,” Baroud added, “that cannot be discussed or understood outside the larger war on Palestinian identity, freedom, and, in fact, the very existence of the Palestinian people.”

Palestinian Prisoner Khalida Jarrar in her own Words: The Age of Freedom Will Come – The Palestine Chronicle

Dear reader, please play your part, by listening to and conveying the stories of Palestinians, whether of those who are captive in Israeli prisons or those suffocating under Israeli occupation. Carry and communicate their message to the world so that, someday, the walls of every prison may come tumbling down, ushering in the age ofContinue reading “Palestinian Prisoner Khalida Jarrar in her own Words: The Age of Freedom Will Come – The Palestine Chronicle”

Israeli Kindergarten Raid Terrifies Palestinian Children – The Palestine Chronicle

The Israelis searched the bags of all children despite teachers’ attempts to prevent them. The police claimed that it was looking for weapons inside the students’ bags. Rabab Oweidah, a teacher in the kindergarten, told Arab 48 that she “was very concerned about the children, who seemed very scared and shocked.”

Israeli Forces Open Fire, Injure Palestinian Man in Gaza – The Palestine Chronicle

Israeli forces frequently shoot at farmers and other civilians inside the Gaza Strip if they approach large swathes of land near the border, which the Israeli military has deemed as a buffer zone off Limit to Palestinians.

US neocons, Zionist lobby losing war in Syria: Edward Corrigan – Press TV

Commenting on this, Corrigan said, “They’re losing the war. Before they did not want to engage in any sort of political process, they still thought that they could accomplish some of their goals by military means. Now, they realize that they can’t do that. So now they’re in public about this switching gears and talkingContinue reading “US neocons, Zionist lobby losing war in Syria: Edward Corrigan – Press TV”